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Experience the cutting edge of military technology, circa 1863, and unlock a mystery that has puzzled historians for over a century in this in-depth episode of DIGGING FOR THE TRUTH.

In 1863 the Confederate Army, in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the Civil War, launched a new and daring weapon: a forty-foot submarine. Named for its inventor, the H.L. Hunley, while potentially revolutionary to war craft, claimed many lives, including that of its creator, long before it saw action and would, in the end, meet a mysterious and tragic fate.

Once deployed the Hunley, armed with a primitive torpedo, destroyed one of the mightiest ships of the Union's navy, yet its crew never made it home. The craft's fate and whereabouts were unknown for over 130 years. Hunter Ellis and expert Kara Cooney set out to get to the bottom of this enduring mystery.

In THE HUNLEY SECRETS REVEALED, exclusive archaeological evidence illustrates the crew's final moments and reveals, for the first time, what probably sank the H.L. Hunley.!

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The Hunley Secrets Revealed